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[15/03/13] The travelling suitcase of science words is a box of board games for the Playing to define the sciences / Playing with science words project

Capsa de jocsThe travelling suitcase of science words is a box with five board games that invites children and adults who accompany them to play with words, drawings, photos and the creators of science. The suitcase contains five classic games for group play in addition to the linguistic and cognitive work of terms used in science (math, language, natural sciences, etc.). Each of them works on one or two specific cognitive or locomotive abilities:

The aim of the games is to tie together the meaning of the most basic science words with their form and graphic representation in a playful way. These relationships are fundamental, so that the learning of science has, from the beginning, a solid foundation. All of the words worked on in the games come from two collaborative dictionaries with definitions given and drawings made by 500 children aged 5 to 8 years old, which were published by Publicacions de l’Abadia de Montserrat: Petit diccionari de ciència (2011) and Petit imaginari de ciència (2011).

The travelling suitcase is one of the results of the Playing to define the sciences / Playing with science words research project directed by Dr Rosa Estopà, with funding from the FECYT, the Government of Catalonia and the Institut d'Estudis Catalans.

The games it contains were used in giant format in the “Playing with science words” day, which was held on 13 February at the Poblenou Communication Campus as part of the University for Boys and Girls from Catalonia. For more information: E-Notícies recerca >Jugant amb les paraules de la ciència, la UPF participa en la tercera edició de la

For more information take a look on the project website, Playing to define the sciences, and its Facebook page.