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ICLaVE 1 (Barcelona 2000) First International Conference On Language Variation In Europe


The International Conference on Language Variation in Europe (ICLaVE) aims at addressing any aspect of linguistic variation observed in languages spoken in present-day Europe. The idea of setting up this conference originated in the Coordination Committee of the European Science Foundation Network on the Convergence and Divergence of Dialects in a Changing Europe, which was funded from 1995 to 1998. ICLaVE will continue work in this and other areas related to language variation. The first ICLaVE took place in Barcelona June 29 - 30/ July 1, 2000, and was organized by M. Teresa Turell (Universitat Pompeu Fabra). The scientific program consisted of regular papers (selected on the basis of abstracts), invited papers and poster presentations.

The proceedings of ICLaVE 1 are currently being edited and are scheduled to appear in 2001.

ICLaVE 2 is tentatively planned for 2003 and will be held in a Scandinavian country still to be determined.

Programme for ICLaVE 1

Day 1 (Thursday, June 29)
Auditorium Welcoming remarks. Excel·lentíssim i Magnífic Rector de la Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Auditorium)
Auditorium Invited Speaker: J. K. Chambers (U Toronto): Universal sources of the vernacular
11:30 Break
Auditorium Dominic Watt (U Leeds): An acoustic investigation of vowel fronting in urban Yorkshire English
Room 108 Jarmo Lainio (Stockholm U): Quantification of variable syntax data in borrowing contact situation -a must or waste for reliable descriptions of a changing syntax?
Room 208 Jannis K. Androutsopoulos (U Heidelberg): From the street to the screen and back again: On the mediated diffusion of variation patterns in contemporary German
Auditorium Paul Foulkes (U Leeds / U York), Gerard J. Docherty (U Newcastle) & Dominic Watt (U Leeds / U York): Tracking the emergence of structured variation in 2-4 year-olds
Room 108 Alazne Landa (Euskal Herriko U) & Jon Franco (U Deusto): The role of syntax in language variation
Room 208 Leonie Cornips (R Netherlands Acad of A & S): Ethnic varieties of Dutch
13:00 Lunch break
Auditorium Anne Fabricius (Copenhagen Business S): T-glottalling: ‘rough’, ‘posh’, or somewhere in between?
Room 108 Caroline Sandström (Uppsala U): Synchronic variation in the gender system during dialect levelling
Room 208 Lorenz Hofer (U Basel): Urban dialects in Basel, Switzerland: Variation, change and attitudes
Auditorium Carmen Llamas (U Leeds): Convergent and divergent trends in Teesside English
Room 108 Anthony J. Naro & Maria Marta Pereira Scherre (UF Rio Janeiro): The historical evolution of variable concord in Portuguese
Room 208 Eva Sundgren (Unit Adv. Studies in Modern Swedish): A Swedish case study of language change in real time: The impact of integration in the local community on linguistic behaviour
Auditorium Franny P. Hsiao (MIT): Word order variation in the West Germanic verb clusters and the functional/lexical distinction
Room 108 José Carrasquel (Northern Illionois U): The grammaticalization chain from Classical Latin illi(s) to Spanish le(s)
Room 208  
16:30 Break
Auditorium Mark J. Jones (U Cambridge): Evidence for the origin of definite article reduction in Northern English
Room 108  
Room 208 Silvia Dal Negro (U Piemonte Orientale): Ma, weiss nit’: Discourse markers in a context of language shift and death
Auditorium Sali Tagliamonte (U York): Variation in the English definite article system: Evidence form Northeast English
Room 108  
Room 208 Agurtzane Elordui (Euskal Herriko U): The influence of language contact in the process of language loss
18:00 End of sessions
Poster Sessions:
  Aquiles Iglesias, José Ignacio Castaño & Raúl Rojas: Systematic Analysis of Language Transcripts (SALT) for Spanish-speaking children
  Celia Pollán: Interaction of factors in the variationist methodology
  Noemí Argerich, Melina Aparici, Joan Perera, Elisa Rosado & Liliana Tolchinsky: Lexical variation in different ages, genres and modalities
  Luis Escoriza Morera: Frequency of use as a criterion to establish lexical variants
  Necdet Osam: The change of Turkish at lexical level: A historical study
  Danijela Stojanovi´c: Infinitive/da+present variation in Serbian and Croatian: Evidence from child grammars
  Yolanda Sánchez Mateo: On the use of swearing in English: An empirical study
  Virginia Hill & France Martineau: Infinitive subordinators in Acadian French
  Gregory Garretson: Spanish word order 'variability' and information packaging


Day 2 (Friday, June 30)
9:30 Auditorium Stefan Grondelaers & Dirk Geeraerts (K U Leuven): Colloquialisms in on line conversations: comparing Belgium and The Netherlands
    Room 108 David Heap (U Western Ontario): Spanish object clitic variation and feature geometry
    Room 208 Sarah N. Dart (Macalester C): Geographic and individual phonetic variation in Corbières Occitan
  10:00 Auditorium  
    Room 108 Elisa Rosado, Melina Aparici, Noemí Argerich, Joan Perera & Liliana Tolchinsky (U Barcelona): Spanish se as a means of depersonalization across ages, genres and modalities
    Room 208 Frank Schlichting (Tübingen U): Does the prosody change with changes in segmental phonology? --Turn-taking in a German dialect
10:30 Break
11:00 Auditorium Invited Speaker: Humberto López Morales (U Puerto Rico): Syntactic variation, revisited
13:00 Lunch break
15:00 Auditorium Mario Cal Varela (U Santiago): /i:/ and /I/ in Gibraltar English: A sociolinguistic analysis of interference from Spanish
    Room 108 Csilla Bartha (Eötvös Loránd U) & Anna Borbély (Hungarian Acad of Sciences): Folk evaluation of "Proper Hungarian": Evidence from the Survey of Spoken Hungarian
    Room 208 Raphael Berthele (U Fribourg): On the history of European sociolinguistic concepts: A continual search for mechanical solidarity
  15:30 Auditorium Hans Van de Velde (U Libre Bruxelles) & Roeland van Hout (U NIjmegen): The diphthongization of /e./, /o/ and /ø./ in Dutch: a peripheral phenomenon
    Room 108 Marilena Karyolemou & Pavlos Pavlou (U Cyprus): Language attitudes and assessment of salient variables in a bi-dialectal speech community
    Room 208 J. Clancy Clements (Indiana U) & David Sutcliffe (U Pompeu Fabra): Addressing long-standing issues in language variation
  16:00 Auditorium Marc van Oostendorp (R Netherlands Acad of A & S): Betuwe Dutch vowel lengthening and phonological theory
    Room 108  
    Room 208 Naomi Nagy (U New Hampshire): Variation in the grammar (book): The sociogrammarian’s dilemma
16:30 Break
17:00 Auditorium Antonio Romano (U Stendhal): Convergence and divergence of prosodic subsystems of the dialects spoken in the Salento (Italy)-- a linguistic and instrumental approach
    Room 108 Barbara A. Fennell & Lesley Jane Black (U Aberdeen): Sources of lexical variation in the German of returning settlers
    Room 208 Alain Thomas (U Guelph): Can Southern French pronunciation resist the influence of Standard French?
  17:30 Auditorium Julie Auger (Indiana U): Phonology, variation and prosodic structure: word-final epenthesis in Vimeu Picard
    Room 108 Hilde van Aken (Free U Amsterdam): Measuring lexical variation and convergence/divergence in standard Dutch: A corpus-based study of prepositions (CONDIV project)
    Room 208 Unn Røyneland (U Oslo): Measuring lexical variation and convergence/divergence in standard Dutch: A corpus-based study of verbs
  18:00 Auditorium Jeff Tennant (U Western Ontario): Speech rate and French schwa
    Room 108 Vicky Van Den Heede (U Gent): Methodological problems and possible solutions in a study of dialect levelling
    Room 208 Paul Kerswill & Ann Williams (U Reading): Dialect levelling in England: internal vs. external factors
18:30 End of sessions
Poster Sessions:
  Elena Bedisti: Social class differences in the use of stigmatized forms by school children in Greece
  M. Isabel González Cruz & Carmen Isabel Luján García: English borrowings in contemporary Canarian Spanish: Uses and attitudes
  Mark Patrick Logue: Obsolete Occitan loanwords of the French language
  Anna Borbély: Determinants of intralanguage codeswitching in the community of Romanians living in Hungary
  Carmen Pena Díaz: Code-mixing between trilinguals: A case study
  Maria Pilar Safont Jordà: The influence of previously learnt second languages in L3 English oral production
  Natalia Glukhova: The Mari language territory variations
  Claudia Kunschak: Language planning abroad: Promoting the Austrian variety of German internationally
  Francisco Moreno Fernández, Ana M. Cestero Mancera, Isabel Molina Martos & Florentino Paredes García: Project for the sociolinguistic study of Spanish of Spain in the Community of Madrid
  Olga Ozolina: Diversité linguistique et citoyenneté démocratique: politique linguistique éducative en Lettonie


Day 3 (Saturday, July 1)
9:00 Auditorium Inmaculada Cuevas Molina & Matilde Vida Castro (U Málaga): Corpora creation and stylistic variation: Two methodological approaches to southern Spanish varieties
    Room 108 Célia Regina dos Santos Lopes (UF Rio Janeiro): Grammaticalization of a gente in Portuguese: long and short term real time
    Room 208 Peter Trudgill (U Fribourg), Elizabeth Gordon, Gillian Lewis & Margaret Mclagan (U Canetrbury): Determinism in new-dialect formation and the genesis of New Zealand English
9:30 Auditorium Felipe Pieras (U Alberta): Catalan dark /l/ in Palma: The social interpretation of a change in apparent time
    Room 108 Inge Callebaut (Vrije U Brussel): About the thens and thoughs, at least in Dutch
    Room 208 Angel G. Angelov (St. Kliment Ohridski U Sofia): The political border as a factor for language divergence
10:00 Auditorium Stig Örjan Ohlsson (Tartu U): R-variation in Europe, with special reference to Norway and Sweden
    Room 108  
    Room 208 Alexander D. Hoyt (U Zagreb): Change and variation in Zagreb Croatian
10:30 Break
11:00 Auditorium Invited Speaker: Peter Auer (U Freiburg): A European perspective on social dialectology
13:00 End of sessions